RurApp aligns proprietary software tools, solutions platform and resources with partners located globally. RurApp provides, co-operative managed, farm to market next generation tools to enrich partners with reliable traceable products.

A Solution that…

  • Can manage and provide traceability for all products within a manufacturing value chain or farmer cooperative organization
  • Can encourage new wholesale buyers interested in clean, organic traceable products with attributes that consumers are currently demanding
  • Is enterprise wide that can reliably collect data at ease and at given critical collection points using easy functionality
  • Compliments existing farmer supply network whereby raw material geographical sourced can be recorded and used for better consumer marketing, international legislative and/or industry requirements for traceability
  • Can rapidly source agricultural raw materials or processed goods rapidly in an organized way takes advantage of current technology so as to leverage as many benefits as possible now and into the future
  • Enables brands to impress customers with their traceability story showing images, videos and other marketing collateral highlighting clean green sources
  • Provides a platform and an opportunity for humanitarian based trading projects all around the world so that all people have the opportunity for a sustainable income and better quality of life.

RurApp has six key areas of focus: