Rural Logistics & Management

The keys to the success of a global trading platform, especially sourcing products in high reward rural areas, are logistics and management. Based upon extensive experience RurApp has designed, developed and manufactured solutions to handle such logistics, and to facilitate a reliable co-operative market.

A majority of RurApp sourced products come from rural areas. Whilst there are significant advantages in sourcing these products from remote areas, there are also serious challenges in respect of the logistics and management of the process. Typical logistics solutions, and certainly their respective hardware, cannot handle extreme environments. These environments are typically subjected to severe temperatures, humidity and moisture: furthermore, there is increased potential for rough handling and theft or equipment. In addition, it may be necessary to handle inconsistencies in the supply of power and system connectivity. Management in these areas also needs to be made aware of the limitations and diversities of many regions. Additional requirements is to have a remote interface to manage the business aspects of the trade with thorough traceability to allow global trade into some sectors.

The advantage of RurApp is that we have successfully designed the solution and platform to handle such environmentals as well as integrate the next generation logistics technology. RurApp is constantly analyzing and modifying the solution to improve efficiency and manageability. One of our unique competitive advantage is that RurApp’s solution is designed from the ground up to handle such environmental challenges, as opposed to trying to adapt and existing technology. This logistics platform is used internally to manage RurApp projects which we share access and use with our partners. RurApp also offers this platform under a lease arrangement or PaaS (Platform as a Service) so that that customers can use and manage their business internally.

The logistics platform’s portfolio is categorized in the following 4 areas: