Humanitarian Efforts

We believe that every consumer globally should have access to affordable, clean, organic, non GMO food and natural products. Furthermore, we believe that everyone farming such products globally  has the right to a good standard of living.

Our humanitarian focus can be identified in two primary areas, outlined below. They are the driving force and heart of RurApp. The value of RurApp is that it can provide true visibility and management of the whole supply chain, thus placing it in the unique position of being able to focus on humanitarian mattes throughout the entire sequence, or farm to fork process. The quality of life is just as important on both sides of the spectrum.
RurApp technologies are being designed to better power the energy of humans. The RurApp platform provides efficiency, traceability and assurance and allows access to better and cleaner products. During this new era of social network ‘clickactivism’ record numbers of consumers are publicly demanding access to better and cleaner products that are NOT genetically modified (GMO) and preferably certified organic germinated from heirloom seeds. For a large part of modern society, “Organic” is not just a catchphrase. It is a “Way of life”. For many others, the cost of organic products is restricted by budget which motivates us to achieve RurApp’s mission of lowering the retail price of organic products by more efficiently linking excess clean food/natural product rural sources to the global marketplace via smart data collaboration.

RurApp provides digital infrastructure exclusively to support farmers & brandsWhy RurApp believes in Organic Farming The advantages of RurApp for the Organic & Non-GMO SectorRurApp Live Authenticity Verification
RurApp technology is designed to simplify and strengthen ethical value chains that support transparency, authenticity and sustainability. In essence, we are making it easier for companies of any size to create or boost products that offer the consumer complete traceability to clean food and ingredients by farmers in clean locations.
Our farmer & buyer members are collaborative minded farmers and value chain operators, sophisticated commodity traders, and enthusiastic brands. But no matter where they come from, they all believe in finding and supporting clean, green, authentic food & natural product initiatives.
Equally important, at the other end of the supply chain is the consumer. The consumer has the right to know the quality, history and safety of the products they are using or consuming. Furthermore, the RurApp technology has embedded quality control digital tools designed to avoid contaminations, mislabeling and poisonings that have been the subject of so much media attention in recent years.
Considering that it is expected that world population will reach nearly 10 billion by year 2050, the debate over how to sustainable farming to feed such a multitude of people without destroying the Earth has emerged as one of the most important topics of our time.

Organic farming can be a healthy alternative not only for our bodies, but also for our planet as a whole. Organic farming offers benefits that are sustainable and long term. Organic farming allows the soil to remain arable for a longer period of time and the water in the area to stay clean and drinkable. Organic agriculture, when practiced responsibility can help alleviate environmental stresses and contribute to the healing of the world.

RurApp Inc has released big visions in terms of partnering for logistics and rural trade & traceability systems for certified authentic organic food and Non-GMO food key players globally. Industry trends show that the U.S. organic food industry is expected to continue to grow at double digits for the foreseeable future. The decade long incremental growth in organic food demand has directly attributed towards record sales within conventional supermarket chains as well as up and coming specialized retailers such as Whole Foods Market. Now another dimension is in force which is clean food traced to origin. Consumer demand for traceability foods is at an all time high.

RurApp proprietary mechanisms enable RurApp Projects to determine where it makes economic sense to link organic producers or purchasers. The intelligence server ensures farmer crop analytic tools that empower RurApp platform users to determine supply and demand within specific agricultural projects.

Capacity for future growth in the Non-GMO / Organic sector depends on sustainability and farmer availability of clean foods. For example; one place where RurApp is focussed is the South Pacific where countries such as Vanuatu farms are pristine. The lands are volcanic enriched and very rich in nutrients. All Farms in this project have never been exposed to synthetic chemicals. All farms are not located near ANY GMO crops. However, despite having the cleanest and greenest produce in the world, all the farmers are small holder farmers meaning that communicating, collecting and transacting with many farmers supplying small quantities each was inefficient.

Now, with the launch of RurApp, all these challenges have been overcome. Smallholder farmers can now satisfy consumers seeking the pure ingredients because of the improved nutritional value. The trend away from mass produced to authentic foods will increase with affordability.

• RurApp builds consumer trust in a robust authentication process by using live data links. Consumers have confidence in RurApp verification system using APP’s, “internet of things” and Machine to Machine internet connected hardware.
• The result of a a RurApp enabled value chain is the capacity for any final packaged product to display a QR code on the product label.
• This code can be read on a mobile phone by generating live the latest available multimedia derived from connected devices & APPs in the product’s value chain.
• Rural farms that supply produce are geo tracked and collaborated with images, video and data related to any other consumer relevant attributes such as nutrient tests or specific certifications.
• RurApp Solution Architects can automatically link collected traceability data to any number of the wide array of certifying agencies (Government agencies, organic certification, Non-GMO, Fair trade etc).
In addition to providing this service, we are actively seeking to work with partners to focus on specific areas of need. If you would like to discuss or to sponsor any particular area, please contact a RurApp representative.