RurApp Knowledge Center

Like all successful businesses the core is based off experience and the ability to leverage relevant knowledge.

At RurApp we like to categorize and represent knowledge in the following areas:

1Education: At RurApp we believe that education is the key for a successful quality of life in the seed to table market. Guidance along with farmer education is critical for sustainable and profitable yields and thus a primary component to a RurApp project.

2Industry knowledge: RurApp maintains a level of awareness and participation in the associated communities. This site, industry based conferences and social media are all forums to provide and share important information. Please refer to posts below.

3RurApp research & Analytics: RurApp’s approach and use of technology to the rural trade or the industry as a whole is unique. As a result we are in the primary position to collect data, conduct research and provide analysis for this sector. As RurApp grows in popularity we will be able analyze the affect, success and adoption rate of technology to rural farmers and how it influences global markets.