RurApp Technology

Rurapp Inc is a technology based company. It is founded and managed by ICT, rural trade and farmer experts who are actively transforming the industry digitally. The introduction of next generation technology improves quality, efficiency, scalability, accuracy and multi stakeholder collaboration. Rurapp can be deployed in some capacity into any agricultural or natural product value chain worldwide.

“Leveraging the latest technology is our success and distinguishing factor”

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The technology behind RurApp is key to the value proposition and success in the industry. Extensive market research has identified that solutions without flexible scalable technology in this industry is a primary point of failure for a sustainable business. Since the ideal candidates for this multi-solution platform are in rural areas there are additional challenges of environmentals. The solutions have to be mindful and tolerant to power instabilities, extreme weather including humidity, mistreatment and network limitations.

The main areas that represent the technology behind RurApp are:

1Cloud Based Modules: This represents the cloud based software components and core of the RurApp platform. The concept and intelligence is derived from current best practices, open source platforms and the highly customized Godder Toolkit. Being modular and virtualized the solution is very portable, scalable and flexible. Web services allow remote access for global business unit managers and administrators. Further information on the modules below.

2Partner Integration Services: Since RurApp is primarily a service provider it’s essential that we integrate with our trade partners seamlessly. This allows us to exchange information and to automate services. These connections or integration methods need to be both dynamic and secure. Typically we leverage SIP for voice, presence and communication. Data integration via SFTP, HTTPS, PHP over SSH and other best practices. Our alerts and notifications integrate with partner’s preferred platforms. Design is typically focused on a seamless back-end system integration to business applications.

3Logistics hardware Solutions: Custom logistics equipment needed to be designed, engineered and manufactured to handle the conditions in rural areas along with the support of next generation solutions. Such equipment is engineered to be located at distribution and drop off points. The popular RurApp smart scales are capable of weighing tagged products quickly, accurately and then share the information wirelessly to the RurApp platform. Additional add-ons are QR readers/printers, solar panels, and touch screens depending on the application.

4Mobility: Communications: RurApp is an Android developer and uses that environment to create apps that bring feature rich mobility to the solution platform. RurApp also integrates with the mobile communications network so as to stay connected with its members. The RurApp member could be a farmer, trader or partner. The system is designed to be able to communicate with the farmer via their chosen method/s of communication. It can be customized so that more time sensitive information can contact a member via a phone call while general logistics information is exchanged via SMS.

 At RurApp we are excited about technology and proud of the solutions that have been developed. If you would like to hear more please feel free to contact us.