RurApp Inc deploys M2M enabled technology devices and cloud based systems to rural farmers and associated value chains. RurApp technologies deliver benefits of instant traceability, direct communication, integrated quality control and many other solutions that have a significant impact on supply capacity.

Key Points:

  • RurApp is new generation Rural Trading Platform (RTP) and Farm to Table Traceability systems.
  • Farmer Accreditation groups, certifying agencies and manufacturers can now use the food traceability solution to gain transparent operational supply plans.
  • RurApp works via intelligent digital information alerting value chains to determine trade with rural farmers. RurApp goes beyond firm-specific linkages to reveal the dynamic flow of traceable farm to fork information.
  • The trace and logistics technology allows the consumer to track back activities between producers within different sectors on a local or global scale.
  • RurApp has been designed & developed by qualified experts in ICT and Rural trading and is a a trusted service provider in the industry.

RurApp has six key areas of focus: