Animal traceability Interesting and unique ideas in practice around the world

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Cheryl Hazenberg an expert in farming from Alberta has just released an excellent article comparing various animal traceability systems in France, Australia & the UK. In summary, Cheryl explains that consumers are demanding more and more information every year. Key traceability information for Carcasses include kill date, carcass weight, detention information, grade, and an internal […]

Frozen Berries Recall – consumers demand produce track back

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Produce track back or trceability always becomes big news when food safety scares emerge. Over the weekend, Australian and now worldwide news is reporting a frozen berry recall for a nationally distributed brand. Berries are popular in Australia where the #eathealthy trend is strong. The Nanna’s brand of frozen mixedberries is distributed in leading Australian […]

Massive – 86% consumers want traceable food

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The UK National Farmers’ Union (NFU) statistics show incredible data statistics on traceable food demand in the United Kingdom. Traceable food also known as “farm to fork” or “paddock to plate” has significant benefits for both health & safety and consumer friendly authenticity. Over 80% of consumers indicated a preference for food traceability. A survey […]

Building Rural food supply chains to integrated markets worldwide.

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Core principles on fair business relations are a core feature of Rurapp Projects. The goal to develop remote rural functioning food supply chain to integrated markets worldwide. The core of any Rurapp project includes organizations along the entire food supply chain including farmers, industry processors, brand manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, large and smaller businesses. The […]

Food traceability software is changing farming and consuming

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Rurapp Projects provide food traceability collaborative means for better produce and higher safety for consumers and increased productivity and quality for growers.  The result is greater confidence and trust in food consumed. Retrieving data is available live and  available for all Rurapp project participants from the farmer through to the processor, storage facilities and other value […]

Food authenticity and traceability for value chains

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Rurapp is Project based food authenticity and traceability & trade solution for farmers, processors and buyers. The specific purpose of the solution is to connect farmers and logistics systems with technology and link farmer value chain trade opportunities. Full logistics and Quality control efficiency is achieved via Project management intelligent database software.  The intelligent database […]

Test post number – From USA

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Seed to Table verification technology

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Food authenticity has become a common requirement throughout the entire world of food and, in-fact, all natural products. If you’re thinking about automating your rural trade and traceability process, Rurapp has already considered all the critical success keys to a successful implementation. The system is easily deployable for any rural farm to fork supply chain […]

Seed to Fork using the Rurapp integrated communication platform

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As market operations become more concentrated and globalized, small farmers have been coming to be at risk of being excluded from the economy. Rurapp has the available M2M and software tools that enable farmers and their value adding chain to lower transaction costs and therefore remain competitive. With RurApp, small farmers in developing countries can […]


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