RurApp goes far for clean food sourcing

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RuApp clean food sourcing is by far the fasting growing part of the business as consumers demand from brands clean, authentic foods “with a story”. Anyone using social networks would notice that among the most popular types of images and chit chat covers food and travel. Such a focus and convergence of social networking focus […]

Remote rural farmers a new frontier for factories

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It is common for farmers world wide face many risks such as poor weather, market risks, production risks and others. However, there are countless agriculural regions in the world with wholesome, organic produce grown in nutrient rich soils, but the regions are so poor that it has been difficult for buyers to penetrate. RurApp is […]

Rural M2M technologies to bridge the gap for farmers

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RURAPP M2M is a think tank, publisher and business incubator of rural trade & traceability strategies and models lead by an advisory board of experienced agricultural product farmer value chains. The Advisory Board members have active projects within the Rurapp Architecture and are actively adjusting their own business systems to seamlessly collaborate with the Rurapp […]

Rurapp trade stations powered by biomass and solar.

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Rurapp Inc has taken the time to harness cutting-edge technological understanding, human ingenuity and the rich history of farmers working in tandem with the wisdom of natural ecosystems. Rurapp trade stations plan to boost rural farm trade whilst being run with waste from the quality control process. Today there are farmers and agricultural scientists in […]

Rural trade technology to boost global food production

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Rurapp is essentially applying modern technology collaborated with farmers to ensure fast track supply chains worldwide for small holder organics. The Rural trade technology is set to revolutionize market access for small holder farmers located in often trade isolated, rural areas worldwide. Large seed and agricultural fertilizer companies have a single focus of making big […]

Clean Food graduates in demand for Rurapp Projects

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Thanks to organizations such as Incredible Edible; new organic towns are sprouting up with authentic clean food in growing abundance making trade opportunities exciting. Rurapp Inc is interested in talking to graduates of the Incredible Edible courses. RurApp is designed to act as a service provider to represent both buyers and farmers with the key […]

Clean sustainable food projects worldwide

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Rurapp projects bring a comprehensive view of the clean sustainable food  marketplace with a fully integrated end-to-end solution for farmers, value processors, traders and other buyers  to tap into new food supply opportunities and a broader market base in agricultural commodities.  The primary vision and guiding principal for Rurapp projects is to help create a clean, sustainable,  food communities that create […]

Fairness in business amongst entire food supply chain

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Rurapp Projects can be initiated by organisations along the entire food supply chain including farmers, industry processors, brand manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, large and smaller businesses.  A consensus-driven, community rule based approach has allowed  multi-stakeholder Project groups to identify efficient project parameters that positively influence the whole food supply chain.  This is achieved via Rurapp data […]

Rural trade and the Internet of Things

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Rurapp Inc has taken the “internet of things” to the rural trade sector. Rurapp projects are being commenced in various developing and developed countries and each project has a unique combination of farmer growers, processors and buyers often situated in various parts of the world, all linked via the Internet of Things. The collaboration of […]

Rurapp foragers and the marketplace

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By definition the part time nature, unpredictable yields per forager harvester, vast geographic spread of potential foragers on a single project means that Rurapp is a perfect focus point for the USA and a long term benefit will be attained by successfully subscribing forager / wild crafters to the Rurapp membership program.

Mobile Phone Use Among Market Traders at Fairs in Rural Peru

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The basic definitions of the vertical and horizontal value chain, as established by Porter (1985), are important to our analysis. Agents in the vertical value chain, where different points in the production and marketing processes are interlinked, are both suppliers and customers. Evidence also indicated that a signifcant share of the attendees at Taraco’s fair […]


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