Landmark study ends the organic vs non-organic debate

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The organic vs non-organic debate has been the subject of fierce debate for decades now. However a new study entitled “Higher antioxidant concentrations and less cadmium and pesticide residues in organically-grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses.” Baranski, M. et al. published in the British Journal of Nutrition, has put the debate to rest. […]

Steps to Starting a Specialty Rural Food Business

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The following is a list of the basic steps in starting a specialty rural food business. While each specialty food business is unique and subject to specific product requirements, the list outlines the overall process. The steps are grouped by topic, and each topic affects the others: your product type and packaging affect your labels; […]

Producing and Trading sustainable food

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Current agricultural practices are diminishing our ability to produce sustainable food in the future. Hence, swallowing food today is also swallowing food that won’t be available in the future. However, what you swallow today sends a signal to the marketplace to produce more of what you swallow. However, the only way consumers can know about […]

Quick facts about organic agriculture vs industrial farming

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Although both organic and industrial agriculture have their strengths and weaknesses, there are certain problems with industrial agriculture that necessitate the need to combine both methods. Organic agriculture can be just as productive as non-organic agriculture. It has been found that “if converted to organic production, the low-intensity agriculture present in much of the developing […]

Why is clean food so important

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Are you a food or health brand interested in working with farmers directly to create a wide array of new clean food products supplied using advanced farm to fork traceability reporting technology. The quest to find and support clean food regions world wide is a core Rurapp business function. The more loving and natural environment […]

Sustainable farming for 10 billion people without destroying the Earth

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An organic approach to industrial farming can help make large-scale modern farming practices more sustainable.   Considering that it is expected that world population will reach nearly 10 billion by year 2050, the debate over how to sustainable farming to feed such a multitude of people without destroying the Earth has emerged as one of the most important […]


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