Organic food sales double to exceed $35 billion

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According to Nutrition Business Journal, organic food sales will reach a startling $35 billion this year which is seen as a “Food Revolution.” Fresh fruits and vegetables accounts for 43% of U.S. organic food sales in 2012, dairy, bread, packaged foods, snack foods, meat, poultry, seafood, and even condiments are seeing an up-turn in organic […]

Frozen Berries Recall – consumers demand produce track back

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Produce track back or trceability always becomes big news when food safety scares emerge. Over the weekend, Australian and now worldwide news is reporting a frozen berry recall for a nationally distributed brand. Berries are popular in Australia where the #eathealthy trend is strong. The Nanna’s brand of frozen mixedberries is distributed in leading Australian […]

Organic companies are big business

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The days of Organic food & other natural products being some small sector reserved for SME is over. The number of take overs, mergers and alliances that have taken place over recent years by large multinationals has taken organic companies to the forefront. The situation finds consumers demanding openness from companies – more information, responsibility […]

Food manufacturers pushed to healthy & transparent products says Nielson poll

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Food traceability and the clean food trend have been given a fundamental endorsement within a key Nielson poll focussing on 2015 food trends. The widely circulated poll results estimated that 2.1 billion people had an overweight or obese health problem. Furthermore, the study validated the social network campaigns are well supported, with Consumers across the […]

Achieve growth with farm to table tracked grown food

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Food inflation has reached a new dimension of strife when people choose to manufacture with horrible and toxic substitutes in order to provide food to the masses. The result is cautious consumers on the look out for local food choices that they can trace themselves (in their car) or know as much as possible about […]

Shift in demand for rural traceability agricultural data most prominent in Chinese Consumers

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Data shows there is a fundamental shift in Chinese consumers desire for rural traceability data. According to key reports the Chinese care more about food sourcing than other mass markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom.  Rurapp is designed to assist farmers and value chains anywhere in the world.The most isolated farmers, […]

Frozen horse meat TV Dinners pushes food traceability requirements

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Some of the frozen meals sold at the leading supermarkets in Great Britain and Europe contained 100% horsemeat even though they were labeled beef. The meat apparently came from a French supplier with origin most likely coming from Romania. The situation, one of many food scandals, has pushed the need for food traceability solutions available from companies such […]

Regenerative organic agriculture – the big fix?

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Can we reverse climate change  by farming organically? Returning stable carbon to the soil is a tonic that can support ecological abundance. There is growing scientific evidence that regenerative agriculture can comfortably feed the growing human population while repairing our damaged ecosystem. The question being answered is Can Organic Farming Counteract Carbon Emissions? Humans have traditionally farmed with […]

Squeezed – Report by OXFARM

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“Squeezed” is the first of four annual reports that will assess the impact of high and volatile food prices on the well-being of urban and rural communities in ten countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, Vietnam and Zambia “Dramatic changes in the workforce occur as people are forced out of agriculture into riskier but better paid […]


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