About RurApp Inc.

PageLines-RurApp_logo_Final_color.pngThe creation of RurApp Inc. is a collaboration of two different backgrounds with a single goal, to use technology to provide and optimize rural trading, food security and traceability with a globalization, ethics and humanitarianism mindset. RurApp Inc. is a corporation based in the United States with agents and partners located, and expanding, worldwide.

  • The RurApp platform provides efficiency, traceability and assurance and allows access to better and cleaner products.
  • For a large part of modern society, “Organic” is not just a catchphrase. It is a “Way of life”. For many others, the cost of organic products is restricted by budget which motivates us to achieve RurApp’s mission of lowering the retail price of organic products by more efficiently linking excess clean food/natural product rural sources to the global marketplace via smart data collaboration.
  • RurApp solutions lower costs & economies of scale restrictions such that smallholder farmers in the most remote rural locations. Additionally it improves trade within the global economy supporting the growth of brands who value clean and organic ingredients.
  • Rurapp Inc was founded and managed by ICT, rural trade and farmer experts who are actively transforming the industry digitally.
  • The introduction of next generation technology improves quality, efficiency, scalability, accuracy and multi stakeholder collaboration for Rural supply chains and associated brands.
  • RurApp is designed to act as a service provider to represent both buyers and farmers, providing them with the key tools, information and management, to be successful.

Our founders and the genesis from two foundations: